Halfling Racial Traits

+2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma

Humanoid: Halflings are humanoids with the halfling subtype.

Small: Halflings gain a +1 size bonus to AC and attacks, a -1 penalty to combat maneuver checks and their CMD, and a +4 size bonus on stealth checks.

Base Speed: 40ft.

Nimble Weaving: Halfling receive a +2 dodge bonus to their AC.

Lucky: Halflings receive a +2 racial bonus to all Saving Throws.

Keen Senses: Halflings receive a +2 racial bonus to Perception checks.

Ship-born: Halflings receive a +2 racial bonus to Acrobatics and Climb checks. Halflings are always considered to have a running start when making Acrobatics checks to jump, and do not lose their dexterity bonus to AC when making Climb checks or Acrobatics checks to cross narrow or slippery surfaces.

Languages: Halflings begin play speaking Common and Halfling. Halflings with high Intelligence scores can choose any non-secret languages they want.